Is Somebody Interested In You?

How can you tell if a somebody is interested in you?

I am asking you this because if you wish to any control of your dating life, your personal life, and even your business life. You should know how to read people.

I've read plenty of articles and worked with plenty of students. They have come up with things such as she is touching her hair. She smiles and her eyes just seem to set on you if we are talking about dating.

The biggest problem with the above question is that you are looking for something to justify you. The greatest strength comes from within. When you learn to believe in yourself in a truly deep level you won't care who is interested in you. Your thoughts and beliefs will be so powerful that about 90% of the population will be interested in you just because your thoughts are so powerful.

Thoughts of "Is he/she interested in me? "

Are thoughts of doubt, fear and a lack of self confidence. Well if you think these thoughts the person you are interested in will begin to also think thoughts of Doubt, fear and have a lack of self confidence.

Who wants to feel those feelings?

Yet think about this for a few minutes.

When was the last time you were around somebody who is really, confident, powerful, believed in themselves, comfortable in life , fun, and playful. Noticed how you feel around this person.

If their feelings are stronger than yours, you tend to feel confident, powerful, believe in yourself, your comfortable in life, find things fun and playful. Not a bad way to feel huh?

Now think about a time you were around somebody who was really depressed. They think the world is against them, a lot of things are on their mind, they never have any fun and just hate life.

Noticed how you feel when you are around somebody like that? Their negative state can actually pull you down.

Knowing this which type of person would you rather be around?

Now also thinking about the above two types of people? Who do you think you best represent?

Are you fun, playful, have a zest for life, confident, powerful and believe in yourself?

Or are you somebody who is negative, really depressed? Thinks the world is against them.

You can control your emotions with a little bit of work.

Now say you are on a date. If you are feeling unsure of yourself, and you have lots of doubt. Guess what your date picks up about your emotions. The majority of times he/she will not want to go out with you again.

Now if you were on that same date and felt confident, believed in yourself, and were having fun. How do you think your date would feel about you?

Learn to generate the positive feelings first, instead of worrying what somebody else is feeling.

You can look at somebody and find 10 reasons with their body language that say they like you in just a few minutes or you can look at somebody and find 10 reasons to see that they do not like you.

All you have to do is notice one or 2 reasons for a person to like you and believe in them. If you can believe in these reasons your spirits will pick up and soon more and more signals will be generated about somebody liking you.

Guess what though? Who is truly generating those feeling? You or the person you are with?

This applies to everything in life, not just dating.

You are the person generating the feelings. As you are leading with your emotions. The true answer lies within you, not from outside.

Let's take a few examples.

Say a guy in a coffee shop sees a beautiful girl and wants to get to know her better.

He goes up to her and she tells him, " hey leave me alone. I'm busy studying."

Now the guy can have a lot of thoughts and responses based on what she said.

He can interpret this in a lot of ways. The leave me alone , I'm busy studying.

He can take it as she is busy and is indifferent about me.

He could take it as she doesn't find me attractive and I don't have any chance with her.

Or he could take it as ?..she likes me A LOT. In fact she likes me so much she is trying to not show any interest. Isn't that cute? She is trying to play hard to get.

All 3 situations could happen with her response. The thing that really matters is how he interprets it. If he is looking for any type of approval. She will feel this" need for approval "and find it repulsive as she will then also feel "this need for approval when around him".

Who wants to feel that way?

The indifferent is just that indifferent. She is neutral. She doesn't know ANYTHING about him. Her mind is on her studies. He would have to get her attention first, than get some interest, before she can make a real decision about him.

Than the 3rd and what I find to be the most useful example. She loves him so much she doesn't want to appear too eager.

Now this might be the case or it might not be. The key is does he believe it to be. If he does and plays with it. She will pick up his feelings of confidence, self assurance, playfulness, and his ability to be comfortable in any situation.

A persons actions will happen based on how they imterpret the situation.

This is a big piece of the puzzle we teach at Fidentia. Learn to interpret everything that happens as something that will benefit you. Believe in yourself and others will too.

Robert Torrey is one of the instructors for Fidentia. A company that teaches dating confidence to others.Go tohttp://www.badboycoaching.com/seduction_advice.htm for more info and to subscribe to their free newsletter.

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